What is your why to buy?

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Like with buying anywhere abroad, just ask yourself why you are buying and from this point,  a lot of other questions will be answered.

Do you want somewhere for regular holidays or do you want somewhere as an investment to pass on to your children?  Do you seek a genuine second or semi-permanent home? Maybe you will need to cover your costs by doing holiday rentals?


Further questions include: Do you choose Rural or urban? New or previously loved house? Detached home in tranquil privacy or on apartment estate?

Would you like to live amongst expats or mainly locals?

Other key considerations include how far you want to be from the airport, beaches and key amenities such as supermarkets and local restaurants.


At least half of buyers I talk to, want to be within walking distance of cafes and restaurants because many people don’t want to drive a car abroad.

If you are relocating full-time with a family then school options will need to be investigated early on, and places applied for months in advance. Retirees will need to check on medical facilities and pharmacies.


On the other hand, if you are banking on renting out your property you will need to consider the ideal size and type of property, the sort of features that rentals might expect like outside space, use of a pool as well as popular locations.


You should create a plan that sets out your list of requirements, from the number of bedrooms, type of property to the features you wish to have.


The most important thing as always is the location and the feel of the property. There is no point in buying a house you don’t like, even if it looks like a good investment.

For that reason alone, visiting the area is the key.

I will help you to answer most of your questions… and I will ask some you don’t expect.


Just give me a call to find out.

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