NIE number in Spain

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What is the NIE number in Spain?

NIE – Número de Identificación de Extranjero, is the Foreigner’s Identification Number. This is the identification number assigned to foreign citizens in the Kingdom of Spain.

Usually, EU-citizens need to get the NIE number after 3 months of their staying in Spain. Non-EU citizens need to apply for NIE in order to obtain Spanish residency. The NIE number must provide you whenever and wherever if you are engaged in financial, tax, legal or social affairs and processes in Spain.

However, obtaining of NIE does not entitle you to reside in Spain legally.

The actual NIE certificate is a standard A4 white sheet with your personal data: name and surname, date and place of birth and the number code. The foreigner’s identification number begins and ends with a capital letter and seven digits between them, like A-7543321-B.

It is important to know that NIE is your personal number, which is once assigned and not transferable.

What do I need NIE for?

If you want to live more than 3 months in the Kingdom of Spain, you must then ask for a residence in order to stay in Spain. Unless you are going to be less than 90 days in Spain, the NIE certificate is sufficient.

Which are the most common procedures for getting the foreigners identification number?

You will require NIE in Spain to:

  • opening bank accounts

  • buying, selling or insuring your housing

  • buying or selling a transport vehicle and obtaining a Spanish driving license

  • paying taxes in this country or setting up a company

  • becoming self-employed

  • studying in Spanish educational institutions

  • entering the Spanish social security system

NIE in Spain is not obligatory for children, but it will be needed for health insurance, School Certificate of Education, sport and some social clubs.

What types of NIE do exist?

  • Resident NIE is an ID type for EU citizens living in Spain for more than 3 months for all of the above cases

  • Non-resident NIE is intended for non-EU citizens who are arriving in Spain and going to live here for less than 3 months per annum.

NIE and TIE – Tarjeta de identidad de extranjero or foreigner’s ID card are two different things. The TIE card already has the NIE number on it a personal photo and indicates the type of residence.

Which documents do you need to get NIE?

  • NIE application form model EX-15 – general info

  • NIE application form model 790 for tax purposes

  • Your valid passport and one photocopy

  • For non-EU citizens confirmation of your entry in Spain with a stamp in the passport. In some provinces/towns round-trip ticket necessary too

  • Supporting documents, like purchase and mortgage contracts and your basis for obtaining of the NIE number in Spain.

  • Two standard 3 x 4 photos.

  • A fee of 9,64 € – in 2020.

All foreign documents need to be duly translated by an accredited translator in Spain.

What is the application procedure?

When the application is completed, you have three ways to apply for the Spanish NIE number:

  • personal in Comisaría General de Extranjería y Documentación in Spain.

  • personal in the Spanish Consulate abroad.

  • via your legal representative in Spain.

After submission of the application, you will get a special receipt and will be appointed for obtaining your NIE

How long does it take to obtain NIE in Spain?

If everything goes well, you should receive the NIE number in 2-4 weeks.

When should you change your NIE number?

NIE number is never to be changed and will provide you throughout life or until you get Spanish citizenship.

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