Is it worth investing in Spain?

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Everyone can invest in Spain, regardless of where he lives on the globe. Let me begin with that as citizens of Europe, we can live, work and buy property in Spain, without any restrictions. In many respects, we enjoy greater freedom and privileges than investors from outside the European Union


Why is it worth investing in Spain?

When it comes to investments in Spain, it is a country with stable annual growth in the number of tourists. In 2018, Spain was visited by 84 million, which in relation to the population of 49 million, is a global phenomenon. In Europe in this respect, Spain is overtaken only by France, and in the world by the USA.


Spain is the second largest country in the European Union, and despite the constantly growing tourism, there is still plenty of space for new investments.

Tourism is the driving force of the economy here. The Spaniards are well aware of this. They try to help in every situation, even if they do not speak English well. They are cheerful, kind and open.

In our area, in the city of Torrevieja, 53% of the population are foreigners, and 47% are Spanish. English is the second language after Spanish, used both in business and in most services.

Infrastructure is very important here. Torrevieja is an important cultural center. A city that lives and has something to offer throughout the year, not just during the holiday season. Infrastructure, that is hospitals, roads and communication are prepared for a multiple of the number of inhabitants, that’s why Torrevieja and the adjacent town of Orihuela Costa, offer a lot of space to live.


Another important point is a large selection of flights and a close location of airports because the ease of travel depends on whether tourists will appear.


The closest airports are Alicante – about 45 minutes drive and Murcia International – 35 minutes. It is also important that they are connected by a convenient highway.

Spain is a tourist-friendly country, and investments are designed to facilitate the development of tourism.


Here it is different than in Britain or in other European countries, where customers are conquering the price to get the property, because of low supply.


In Spain, the market is definitely the customer’s market, because the supply is still higher than demand and some extras like furniture or air conditioning can be negotiated.


So why is it worth it?


In our region – Costa Blanca, which is most often chosen, both by tourists from Spain and abroad, you can buy an apartment for a holiday renting, renovated, in a good standard, close to the town and the beach, ready to use, for under hundred thousand euros. It may start earning a few days after signing a contract in the notary. The new apartment can be bought for just over one hundred thousand euros. Additional costs such as a notary and solicitors account for about 14%, including the tax that the buyer pays.


What is the rate of return on a rental property?


On the Costa Blanca, it is 10-20% per year. It is only a calculation of profit from renting. We treat our investments as the long term and we recommend the same to our clients.

The advantage is that we are the owner of the property and at any moment we can do what we want with it. In contrast, for example, to invest in flips, where we entrust to someone our money, here we can sleep peacefully. We are the owner from the beginning and we are to decide whether to rent, sell or let our property to someone to take care of it.

Is there much choice in Spain?

At present, we have over 300 properties at prices from 50 thousand to 5 million euros in various locations, both from the secondary and primary market.


We can promise to find property for every investor.


It should be taken into account that new projects are being implemented and the waiting time, depending on the project advancement process, is from a few to 18 months.

In the case of the new property, the investor pays only a few thousand euros in advance, and then 20-30% after a month, the same for the next three and the rest after the completion of construction, on the day of the contract.


We are cooperating only with developers who provide bank guarantees, the confirmation that the bank keeps the client’s money on a special account. In the event of any developer’s solvency problems, the customer will receive a 100% refund.

All paperwork can be issued in English and other languages as well as translated.

Together with my team of specialists, we will take care of the entire purchase process, from the beginning to the end. We will help you choose the right property by asking specific questions.

We will take you to previously selected properties.


Finally, we will take an active part in the negotiations as well as during the formalities.


At the customer’s request, we will also take care of their property during their absence. We can also comprehensively deal with the entire rental process from A to Z. Using our knowledge and experience, you can easily invest in Spain.


Robert Kiyosaki said:

” Do not wait to buy a property, buy a property and wait ”

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